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A very important part of any event is good food. Most people don’t put enough emphasis and time into selecting the correct menu’s and table decor. Creative Occasions has been in the catering and events industry for some time now, and has experience in running and catering for large and small events with menu’s to suit your requirement.

Catering should be considered an ART. In fact, it is more like a beautiful priceless painting. First you have your underlying base colour. In this case, it would be the theme of the event. If it were to be (for example) a “Mad Hatters Party” – theme, then you would be looking at more “colourful” food items. Colourful Petit Fours, Doughnuts, Cupcakes, Assortment of Candies, etc will be part of your menu selection. If it were a theme like “The Oscars” then you would look at more formal, structured plated or buffet menus.

 Secondly we will need to paint the picture. This will be the actual food and drink that you will be looking to present. You will need to identify what type of food items will work well with your theme. For bridal showers, themed parties and product launches, cocktail menus will work best. 3-course Plated meals will work better with more elaborate events such as Awards evenings, 21st Birthday Parties and Weddings. Spit braais and braais always go well with sporting events.

Remember your special dietary requirements. Kosher, Halaal and Vegetarian are the most common dietary requirements required at any event.

Once the base colour is set and your picture is painted then you will need to seal and “gloss” your picture. In this case, it will be your product surround. Use the theme of your event as well as the food for inspiration. Try and get the decor to be as pleasing as possible. If it’s a formal event then use a sophisticated table setup. Use cut crystal glassware, extravagant flower arrangements, base plates, neutral colour linen and napkins, 10-seater round tables, etc. For cocktail functions, it is always better to use cocktail tables, bar stools, serviettes and small cocktail table flower arrangements or candles to lighten up the venue.

Then lastly, we have to add a frame – we all know that the frame holds the picture together. With regards to your event, the frame will be the organizer and that’s where Creative Occasions comes in. We have experience and knowledge to tie together all aspects of your catering and integrate it into your event to make sure your event is memorable. Creative Occasions subscribes to a very high standard when it comes to food and presentation, therefore we make sure we offer our client the best menu’s for their event, professional waiters and even better decor. Creative Occasions can turn any occasion into a WORK OF ART.


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    Jan 18, 2011 @ 05:20:26

    I have my husband’s 60th birthday coming up this December and would like to know what options are available in something a little different as well as indication of venue
    Colleen Soares


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