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Everyone knows how hard it is to pull together an amazing event, the food, decor and accessories should all complement each other to create a balanced ambiance.

Table settings is one of the most important parts of your decor.  This is the first impression that guests experience when arriving at your venue.

Your table setting should emphasize your theme, with-out compromising on practicality and cost.

Firstly, start off by picking a theme.  If it’s a year-end function for your employees, go with something like “Christmas”, “Miami”, “In the Jungle” or “Dazzling night of the stars”. Once you have selected your theme, it is easy to know which colours to choose to compliment the theme.

Let’s use Christmas as an example as we have just experienced this lovely time of year.

You can utilize different colours for your Christmas theme.  Green, Red, Gold and Silvers are the most popular colours during this time of year. Note that you can also utilize different shades of these colours to ensure your table does not come across too “hard”.

Play with different tiers of equipment like placing a napkin on a side plate with a gold base plate at the bottom.  For elegant, stylish events, you can add a napkin ring for that finer detail.

Also note that you do not want to “overdo” the decorations.  This can end up looking cluttered and feel uncomfortable for your guests.  Rather use fewer glassware on the table and more small candles or favours for the gifts, and remember high candle stands and flower vases might look nice but they can become very impractical as these will break your line of sight between the guests, and you will end up moving them anyway.

 If you want to use flowers as centre pieces, use simple but beautiful low flower arrangements.  Add a few tea-light candles to create a mysterious and romantic atmosphere. With our Christmas theme, Instead of a normal flower arrangement, utilize small Christmas trees as centre pieces for your table.

Another thing to remember is to ensure you do NOT use scented candles on or near a table where guests are seated.  Not only can this be uncomfortable for guests with regards to sinus problems but this can also interfere with their senses when eating a hearty meal – lavender scented candles with a tasty steak? Not something you (or your guests) would enjoy, even Mozi pads should be kept away from the dining table.

Glassware is also a very important decor item when decorating a table, use different types of glassware depending on the formality of the event.  Very formal events can be complimented with crystal or hand-cut glassware.  More informal functions can utilize coloured glassware, but remember the bigger the glass the more alcohol it can carry.

Wedding tends to have the most elaborate decor on the tables, but just remember it is important to place the menus and table numbers on the tables, this will ensure no confusion at your special day.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anthony
    Jan 11, 2011 @ 05:40:17

    I have found that using high color items for table decor, while using softer colors to decorate the room, draws people’s attention to the table, this works really well for brand launching.


  2. Anthony
    Jan 11, 2011 @ 07:36:57

    I have been in the Events industry for a while now, and if there is any advise I can give to people looking to get married or have a function is that you must select a function or wedding venue that suits your tastes and style as it is, because no venue will start altering or modifying their venue’s just for you. Spend time in selecting a venue its one of the most important aspects of your function and remember no amount of Decor and draping can fix an ugly venue.


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