Wedding and event colour schemes


When it comes to picking a colour scheme for your function, there are many different colour schemes and combinations to choose from. Consider the most important factors like theme and time of year, and choose two or three colours that will bring the function together. A Bridal colour scheme reflects the personality of the bride and can also determine the mood and feel of the event. Take the time to make the correct choice.

 If you choose contrasting colour schemes, it can end up making your event look very cluttered and busy. There are many different factors that come into play when deciding on your colour scheme, so choose carefully:


The season of your event will give you a good guideline of what type of colour scheme to work with.

Spring – Pink, yellow, white, lime green, baby blue, lilac purple and orange

Summer – Bright red, gold, silver, turquoise, blue, lime green, bright yellow (almost any colour will do)

Autumn – The best colours to choose here is browns, creams, oranges, reds, olive greens and golds

Winter – Grey, Black, White, Charcoal, silver, cream, navy blue, wine red, burnt orange

Also consider the time in which your event will be hosted.  Shinier golds and silvers and deep reds, blues and greens work well with evening functions.  More lighter and brighter colours such as lime green, turquoise, Cherise pink and yellow can make a day function really stand out.


Your colour scheme will also depend on your theme.  If you are going for something like “snow white” or “winter wonderland”, it will be best to utilize whites, silvers, ice blue/turquoise colours whereas for “The Oscars”-theme you will use more black, red and gold colours

Beach weddings will be better with more bright colours such as aquamarine, yellows and white. Different shades of browns, reds, greens and oranges will fit perfectly with a country wedding.  Black, red and grey will complement a city wedding.


Some brides choose their favourite colours for their wedding colour scheme.  However, try not to use too much of the same colour as it might make the overall look come across as either too “feminine” or too “masculine.

Also take into consideration that too many colours or too few colours will overwhelm a wedding.  One colour might dominate the wedding where as more than three different colours will conflict with each other.

Consider at least two different colours to complement each other.  Pink and gold or blue and silver or even lime green and black are good combinations.  You can use different shades of pink and gold on your table to ensure there is no one colour that is dominating.

Black and red will work perfectly for a city wedding where as lime green and yellow will be perfect for a garden wedding.

What Wedding Colours Say About a Bride

  • pink – romance, love and femininity
  • red – vitality, passion, confidence, sexiness
  • blue – calming, spiritual, peaceful
  • green – fertility, nature, life
  • purple – mystery and magic
  • yellow – joy, happiness, wisdom
  • orange – vitality, endurance and encourages socialization
  • brown – earth and order
  • white – purity
  • black – elegance, power and formality.


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