Angie & Anthony van Wijk Wedding – 11 September 2010


Our special day was set for the 11th of September 2010.  Anthony and myself chose this date because it is the beginning of spring and September has always been my favourite month.

Ironically it was also the 9th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the U.S.A


We chose pink and gold.  Pink being my favourite colour and Gold because Yellow is Anthony’s favourite colour but could not be used as pink and yellow clashed.  Gold was the closest option to yellow.


Stargazer Lilies (my favourite flower) were used in all our arrangements.


We used gold tie-backs, runners and base plates for the church and reception


We chose a lapa area as our venue – a gorgeous outdoor, relaxed atmosphere with a delicious lamb on the spit.

We used benches for tables and chairs.  We also had a gorgeous Boma which we lit at night.

The venue also boasted a swimming pool at the pre-drinks area at the bar, which looked absolutely gorgeous


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